A deposit of $500.00 is required to secure all catering dates. The $500.00 will be deducted from the final catering bill. The $500.00 deposit is non-refundable. If the total price of your catering quote is less than $500.00, a deposit of 25% of the total agreed upon price shall be the amount of your required deposit. The 25% deposit will be deducted from your final catering bill. The 25% deposit is non-refundable.

No date shall be held or catering services confirmed until T-Bone’s BBQ has received the required deposit from the customer.

For all catering services, full payment of any remaining balance must be received by T-Bone’s BBQ no later ten days prior to your event unless otherwise arranged with T-Bone’s BBQ. A $50.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.

All checks shall be made out to T-Bone’s BBQ.

All quotes will include taxes and any other fees or charges related to your event.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will not be accepted. The customer will be charged for prep time and food supplies in the event of a cancellation within 48 hours of the event.

T-Bone’s BBQ is happy to provide professional catering staff for your event at the rate of $25.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum for servers.

All events are required to be paid in full no later than 10 days prior to the event date. Any past due balances shall accrue interest at a rate of 3.0% per month. Past due accounts over 30 days will not be able to place any future orders until the account is brought current.


Please do not email or leave voicemail messages concerning last minute cancellations. You must speak directly to one of our catering staff. Emails or voicemails will not be recognized or accepted as a valid cancelation. Your cancelation or changes are not confirmed until T-Bone’s BBQ has contacted you either by email or phone to confirm your changes or changes. Every T-Bone’s BBQ catering event is prepared to order, and we have no way to re-use your food once it has already been prepared for you and you will be responsible for the full amount due for all prepared food.


T-Bone’s BBQ and our dedicated staff strive to provide you the very best catering service at all times. It is our belief that gratuities are not given but earned which is why we do not include gratuity charges in our catering proposals. You may add a gratuity upon payment of your remaining balance or on the date of your event if you choose. T-Bone’s BBQ thanks you in advance for your gratuity.


A final headcount is due to T- Bone’s BBQ no later than ten days prior to the event. T- Bone’s BBQ will do our best to accommodate last minute increases in headcount but cannot guarantee food quantities for additional guests.

T-Bone’s BBQ guarantees that your “guest count” will be served. It is not our responsibility if you under estimate your “guest count”. We suggest that if you know that your guests are heavy consumers, you adjust your count accordingly.


T-Bone’s BBQ strives to assist our customers with their catering need, even if those needs occur at the last minute. If you have a rush order or request and the request is made after 2:00 pm the day before, your request may be subject to a $30.00 rush order fee to offset the cost of food and labor related to your request. Please note that product availability and meat selections may be limited so your understanding and flexibility is greatly appreciated.


Please bring any allergy concerns to T-Bone’s BBQ’s attention prior to the date of the event.

T-Bone’s BBQ cannot guarantee full omission of all ingredients we use in our kitchen. Our kitchen and BBQ trailers are open plan type cooking areas and allergens such as nuts and gluten are present so there is always a possibility of cross contamination even when taking every possible precaution. T-Bone’s BBQ will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items an individual may come into contact with, at any event catered by T-Bone’s BBQ. Our staff, chefs and pitmaster’s are not trained on dietary allergies or intolerance. If you or any of your guests have a severe allergy, we cannot be expected to provide accurate information or recommendation.


T-Bone’s BBQ may at certain times for large events, need to store food in T-Bone’s BBQ catering vehicles, kitchen areas, under tables or in food prep tents or designated food prep areas. Food or food items stored in catering vehicles or related large food displays, are not the property of the client. Clients are not allowed to go through catering vehicles, catering storage areas, kitchens that have been identified as being used by T-Bone’s BBQ for food prep or storage or food storage areas.


Client assumes full responsibility for any damage or loss of any equipment, including but not limited to pop up tents, food service tents, tables, linens, table décor, Hawaiian or tropical décor and or backdrops, candles, lighting, chairs, glassware, plates, flatware, cloth napkins, chaffing dishes, chaffing dish lids, catering bowls and serving utensils, tongs, knives, spoons and cutting boards. Any lost stolen or damaged equipment will be charged to the client at replacement cost. All equipment should be present and ready for pick up by T-Bone’s BBQ after the event or at the agreed upon pick up time and location after the event. If T-Bone’s BBQ is not on site for your event, you are responsible for the safety of all food setup and serving related items left in your care by T-Bone’s BBQ. T-Bone’s BBQ does not accept responsibility due to negligence by the client or any attendees of the client’s event that causes any damage as a result.


In the event that T-Bone’s BBQ is providing bar service and you are providing the beverages, T-Bone’s BBQ will open and serve the beverages you supply at no charge if your event is held at a private home or venue. However, there may be an alcohol insurance liability fee of $250.00 if it is held in a public venue such as a club house, community hall, ballroom, etc.

T-Bone’s BBQ can provide alcohol and bartenders for your event. T-Bone’s BBQ subcontracts alcohol service to an approved licensed company to handle all alcohol beverage sales. T-Bone’s BBQ is not licensed to sell alcohol, but we can provide bar service for your event. T-Bone’s BBQ staff will separate your opened bottles from your un-opened bottles as a complimentary service.


T- Bone’s BBQ will not be responsible for circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to weather, traffic, accidents, road closures, construction, vehicle break downs, detours due to road construction or law enforcement activity, equipment malfunctions, health issues or acts of God or nature. T-Bone’s BBQ will do our best to remedy all unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Detailed directions to the serving site including instructions on where you would like T-Bone’s BBQ to park or set up and serve from (does not apply if on site visit by T-Bone’s BBQ has been arranged) as well as any location or access changes must be communicated to T-Bone’s BBQ as soon as the client is made aware of them.

T-Bone’s BBQ requests that if we are grilling onsite that close proximity to the serving site be provided.

T- Bone’s BBQ must be able to park the catering vehicle(s) close to the serving area and the serving area must be easily accessible by our servers and serving carts. Long distances and obstacles may require additional catering staff.

Any conditions or obstacles that prohibit the use of our delivery carts may delay your serving start time.

T Bone’s BBQ will arrive 45 to 60 minutes prior to the requested start time. If onsite BBQ has been requested, we will arrive several hours before the event to prepare the food onsite. T-Bone’s BBQ will begin serving at the requested time and will serve for one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the number of attendees. The catering proposal will specify the actual serving time allocated for your event. Additional charges of $25 per server, per hour, will be added to your bill if the caterer is requested to stay longer than the contracted time.

All left-over food will be left with the client. T-Bone’s BBQ is not responsible for the safety and quality of said food after it leaves our supervision and care. T-Bone’s BBQ is not responsible for any food being served which is not provided by T-Bone’s BBQ as part of the agreed upon contract.

All prices on our menu(s) and website are subject to change without notice. All food products are chosen based upon seasonality and availability. T-Bone’s BBQ is not responsible for weather changes or price increases due to shortages of power, supply and demand or any unforeseen situations beyond our control.

Sales tax is included on all catering quotes and the tax amount is not negotiable. The State of CA requires sales tax to be applied to all service charges, hot and cold food, carbonated drinks, serving staff working your event, labor, rentals and admin fees. If your organization is tax exempt or requesting tax exemption, you must provide T-Bone’s BBQ appropriate documentation showing your organization as a tax-exempt entity.

A delivery fee may be charged depending on the number of catering vehicles needed or travel distance to your event or venue.

Clients are responsible for payment of all expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees associated with any action brought forth to recover unpaid contract fees owed to T-Bone’s BBQ.

Should your event require additional certificates of insurance that our standard liability insurance does not cover, the cost of any additional certificates of insurance will be added to your catering invoice.


By entering my electronic signature below, I indicate that (a) I am the customer, who is responsible for this order and (b) I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and requirements listed in this catering contract (c) I understand this contract to be definite and confirmation of retaining T-Bone’s BBQ to cater my event.

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Click the Sign & Send button to send your catering request to T-Bone’s BBQ. A copy of the catering request will also be sent via email to the customer listed above.

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